How did it never happen to me? One of those Sunday brunch with the girls, we got into this metoo conversations. Out of 6 women, around the table, I had only 1 experience to share, but that too was really really less metoo.

One talks about molestation, groping (I’m not…

When a guy keeps pushing you to have sex after kissing…

Me: I had to tell you this. I’m actually a ghost. My vagina is imaginary.

Hilarious that the guys usually believe me when I say this lmao.

Fak you from me the ghost.

Life’s most difficult times include resisting having waffles when you have period. In those trivial times, when sacrifice is more important than waffles, I seem to get a lot of anxiety issues. I also crave pasta, cheese, fine wine, sugar, cake, chocolates, Icecream, and sweets made with ghee and milk.

There is nobody as bad as a greedy man.

Greed is you want something so bad faster and easier and you want it more. That’s greed. And if he is greedy for physical pleasure and wants too much money with little to no effort. He is greedy man.

Greed invokes so much depression. At the same time, so much ego. Oh, I sure got this much money and girls in a short time, I must be a god. This is how he is going to think.

Ego is where all creativity stops. All joy stops there. All innocense gone. And therefore even the tiniest way peace can enter his life is blocked.

True meanings of life is surrender. Ultimately, death is going to happen. We cannot be entitled.

For starters, I stalk the stalker. That way I’ll rattle his large intestine and rock the bejesus outta him. That’s how we handle a fuckboy.

Jobs done. ✅

Ego is when you think you can control everything. This is really simple. I wake up, and I’m extremely thankful that I woke up, I live for today and finish the day thinking I’m fortunate to have had the luxury of living to my full potential. I’m ready to sustain myself and be thankful for letting me sustain. That’s it. This is me.

I don’t need to know everything. For example, I don’t need to know about crypto or any other such information. I know I’ll find a way to survive with consistency, discipline and contentment. That’s about it.

Don’t stuff things on me. I’m not here to stuff myself with things everyday while I don’t do my job well.

There was this really painful voice of the doc before he told this.

He was extremely handsome and he had a huge crush on me. 19 year old me, I suddenly went through this epiphany that something is really wrong with me. I am not as normal. Not as boring…

Someone who is safe enough. Not hot enough. Someone who keeps his word, responsible, diligent and focussed on me. Someone who keeps me safe. Really safe. Just like how I’m going to keep him safe.

Imagine what an idiot he is …

First of all, he wasted his time flirting with someone who he did not think was potential.

The most important thing to understand is I’m extremely mentally transparent. I align my actions with words. …

Once a person makes a promise and doesn’t keep it, what makes you think he ll be a good husband.

It’s one thing to have “trust issues". But it’s the way they behave.

Give him 10 chances. He will fail and promise that he will never fail the 11th time. While he keeps doing this shit, completely stop talking, go no contact and date other male friends.

You are not breaking trust here. You are being sensible.

Being late, not calling back, not leaving a polite message, after close interactions is a strong red flag. It’s an inconsistent mood reflective behaviour. You cant consider such a person as a father or husband.



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