The problem with polygamous men.

  • They want to be rich. Not prosperous.
  • They will not be in a steady emotional state.
  • They act like they don’t care. Humans care. End of story. You just need to prioritise whom you care for the most and commit to them. All this I don’t care attitude is going to fuck you up.
  • Emotional instability. Constant depression. Insecurity. Addiction. And I can do whatever I want attitude. No you can’t do whatever you want. You ll go crazy. You need boundaries and you won’t have it unless you find the right woman and take care of her.
  • Down the line, being grandparents, being parents, and striving for a disciplined peaceful respectful family is a strategy. Most importantly it’s a matter of heart. Centralized governance didn’t work because kings had too many wives. There was no need for that. For a 5 minute pleasure. Eventually, the king life didn’t work. It caused havoc. Because pissing women off leads to destruction of mental peace of the whole community. You’d rather stay away and observe and choose a right person than mingle yourself with some physically whom you won’t spend your life with.
  • Traumatized families can seek help only from a mentally healthy stable family. You can’t go seperate ways and fuck up. It’s a team. You need to pay attention to your family and heal. Either through acceptance or by telling some hard truth.
  • At the end of the day, Family, when raised by two stable people who knows how to respect each other, who knows how to pray together, can lead a disciplined life. Raising healthy secured children.
  • Polygamy leads to insecurity. That’s the root cause. Security creates stable implementable ideas. Insecurity creates unnecessary hope, and makes you take risks for an idea that cannot be long term.
  • Emotions decide. And to keep emotions stable. We need a family.